April 25, 2017

Why are Edibles So Powerful?

My first experience with edibles wasn't horrible. It was the standard, homemade pot brownie. My second experience, however, is cringe worthy. I actually look back at that moment and want to die.

I remember I had just started working at the dispensary and I was interested in the candy we carried. I have a major sweet tooth so anything sugary I'm down to try. My coworker explained to me the dosage and how much to take (note: I was a beginner so the amount was small).

I remember texting my bestfriend and telling her she was going to try this with me, because I was a little scared to do it alone. She agreed and I headed over to her place, snacks in hand just in case the munchies made an appearance. Little did we know what was about to ensue.

Moral to my story: I was so high I wanted to cry. My leg wouldn't stop twitching and at one point my bestfriend was telling me a story for 5 minutes before I realized she was the one talking. All I heard was Charlie Brown teacher "womp womp womp" until I looked up and saw her lips moving.

For many stoners, this may be an experience you've had before after eating an edible or maybe one you wish to have. For me, it was something I never wanted again. I didn't realize how strong edibles could be despite the small amount you take. Everyone knows the golden rule of edibles: start small and be patient. But what if you do both and you're still higher than you want to be? How are edibles so much more potent than smoking?

Let me explain.

Edibles metabolize differently than when you smoke or vaporize cannabis. When cannabis is ingested it hits the liver first and is transformed into 11-hydroxy-THC. This method passes the blood-brain barrier more rapidly and in turn causing a more intense high. When cannabis is smoked or vaporized, it travels through the lungs and directly to the brain. That's why when you smoke, you may be able to feel the effects instantly but with edibles it can take up to 2 hours to actually start feeling high.

Edibles are also a lot harder to dose than smoking can be. I think this is the issue I had when it came to the candy I ate. A lot of distributors may make batches that vary in potency. One week you could have an edible from your favorite company and think it was a little weak. The next week you eat the same edible from the same company and realize it's much stronger. This can happen and although it may be a little alarming it's important to be aware. Just because one edible was weak the first time around doesn't mean it will be the next time. So don't double dose because you may be in trouble. Remember, start small and be patient.

A lot of consumers might not like the harshness of smoking. Turning to edibles is a great way to eliminate that as well as any health concerns you may have involved with smoking cannabis. You can make your own batch of edibles in the privacy of your own home. It doesn't have to be sweet treats or the traditional pot brownie. You can ultimately transform any dish into something yummy and cannabis infused. There's so many great recipes online that involve canna-butter. If you're worried about getting too high maybe cut the amount in half and if you're still unsure, cut that amount in half again.

Smoking or vaporizing and consuming cannabis vary for every audience. If you prefer smoking a joint over eating an edible, then do you boo. Nobody is judging. But if you choose to consume cannabis, take caution and remember the golden rule.